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Eat Your Greens!!

Need more nutrition in your diet? Dark leafy greens are a perfect way to start. Learn how to make mouthwatering restaurant-style greens in just minutes.

Vegan Parmesan :: Parmiziano

Ok - i know the spelling of this recipe sounds -errr is- cheezy but hey, for those people who do not consume dairy this is a good alternative to sprinkle on your penne in pink sauce. With its pale straw color, slightly granular texture, and distinctively salty flavor, this recipe mimics dry grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Macadamias impart a fruity/nutty taste, and vinegar powder adds some sharpness - while white pepper gives a subtle bite, and white truffle lends some savory flavor. Obviously this topping does not melt, but it adds a nice touch -as well as nutrition- to any dish that usually gets finished with Parmesan cheese.


Eating plants may change our cells
Researchers may have found essential functional molecules in food which could provide a novel therapeutic strategy for the treatment of diseases.

Hey, Put Down That Knife and Read This Book

Forks Over Knives, The Plant-Based Way To Health is written by Dr. Colin T. Campbell, author of The China Study, and Dr. Caldwell Essestyn, Jr., author of Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease. This is the companion book to the groundbreaking documentary Forks Over Knives that has made big headlines with its life-changing research about the effects of eating meat and dairy versus a plant-based diet. Do you want to learn what simple change could save you from a future of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer? Well, take a wild guess…then keep reading.

wanna buy it?

From Zen Master Seung Sahn :: The Compass of Zen

”Human beings also kill animals not just for food. They take the animal’s skin to make shoes and hats and clothes. And even that is not enough. They take these animal’s bones to make necklaces or buttons or earrings. In short, they kill many, many animals in order to sell the animal parts for money. Because of these desires and this strong animal consciousness, human beings fight with each other, and destroy nature. They do not value life. So now this whole world has many problems; problems with the water, problems with the air, problems with the earth and food. Many new problems appear every day. These problems do not happen by accident. Human beingsmake each and every one of these problems. Dogs, cats, or lions, or snakes - no animal makes as many problems for this world as human beings do. Humans do not understand their true nature, so they use their thinking and desire to create so much suffering for this world. That is why some people say that human beings are the number one bad animal in this world. So human beings must soon wake up and find their original seeds, their original nature.”

vegan quickie / v’gen kwi’kee/ noun 1. a series of three (3) questions directed toward individuals who change the world through the practice of the Vegan lifestyle.


Julie Dicterow, Designer, and   Co-Owner Cri De Coeur

And now…a Vegan Quickie with Julie Dicterow, designer, co-creator, and business partner to Gina Ferraraccio of the eco-luxe fashion house Cri De Coeur. Not only do Julie and Gina create beautiful contemporary shoes, handbags, and jewelry for Vegan fashionistas, this dynamic duo leads the way in style with a conscience. Let’s face it, to head a company whose mission is “to help ethical fashion saturate the future market of retail” is more than compassionate, it’s formidable!

TFP: In your opinion what is the importance of being Vegan?

JD: It is most important to not be contributing to animal suffering, especially for the sake of fashion. We (Cri De Coeur) want to redefine what it means to have “style”. To us, that includes compassion towards people, animals and the planet when making choices in food, beauty and lifestyle. 

TFP: I like that answer. Next question…Stupidest comment you’ve ever heard in regards your Vegan lifestyle?

JD: “So, can you breast feed if you’re Vegan?” Duh.

TFP: LMAO! I guess there are no stupid questions?…well, maybe. Favorite Vegan Restaurant?

JD: Blossom in NYC…and Madeleine’s Bistro in California

TFP: Mmmmm two of my favorites. Thanks Julie! I wish you and Gina continued growth and success with Cri De Couer

JD: Thank you for the kind words! Very much appreciated.

TFP: Of course! Cri De Coeur ROCKS!

VEGAN CHIC: I’m Always a Sucker for Studs

I’m not talkin’ about the kind that wakes up and leaves you in the morning. Don’t ask me why, but studs on belts, shoes, bags, whatever, make me feel hot - and on a pink suede gladiator-inspired shoe, even hotter. If like me, you wear flats, Cri De Coeur’s Warrior sandal will make you feel nothing short of Amazonian. With this seductive shoe in your style arsenal you will be armed for anything!

Vegan, cruelty-free

PU upper with manmade sole

Made in an ethical, sweatshop-free factory in China

VEGAN CHIC: I’ve Got a Crush On You

I’m feeling moonstruck about all the lace we are seeing this season and my infatuation for the Crush sandal grows by the minute (sigh). Once again Cri De Coeur makes me lovesick for yet another Vegan shoe. If you are having daydreams and wishful fantasies about finding something to slip on your feet in the warm weather, you don’t have to feel confused and anxious. This innocent and alluring lace cuff sandal will fulfill all your fashion fantasies.

Vegan, cruelty-free

PU upper with manmade sole

Made in an ethical, sweatshop-free factory in China

VEGAN CHIC: It’s All About the Tame These Days

Hey - I’m not one of those fashionista moms who can rock the four-inch heels and look fabulous while running after my toddler. No matter what the occasion, it’s strictly flats. With its subtle faux snake pattern and sexy–yet-comfortable t-strap, Cri De Coeur’s Tame thong sandal subdues all my spring fashion hankerings…and keeps me poised for a sprint across the playground.

Vegan, cruelty-free

PU upper with manmade sole

Made in an ethical, sweatshop-free factory in China

Got Mushrooms?

Marx Foods does! Can’t find those exotic varieties of mushrooms at your local market? Well Marx Foods has what you need - whether fresh, dried, wild, or cultivated, you will find whatever fungi your little culinary heart desires. Prices might be a bit steep for some cooks, but overnight shipping is included. 

Spaghetti in Shiitake Cream Sauce (Vegan)

Take a Little Trip

Magical Medicinal Mushrooms

No I am not talking about Psilocybe cubensis, heheheh, which is another story altogether. I am referring to Lentinula Edodes –better known in the states as Shiitake- but also goes by the anglo names of black forest mushroom and oakwood mushroom, to name a few. So why so magical, medicinal? Well, these edible fungi have been cultivated for thousands of years, and have a long history of medicinal use throughout China, Korea, and Japan. Today’s research shows that this mushroom possesses antibacterial and antiviral properties, and contains compounds that directly enhance immune function. As well, the Shiitake is a source of a multitude of valuable nutrients.

basic nutritional breakdown:

Excellent source of B vitamins including B3, B5, B6 & B2

Very good source of manganese, phosphorus, selenium, copper, & zinc

Good source of protein, potassium, magnesium, fiber & vitamin D

photo: Linda Van Hagen

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